Frequently asked questions

Selecting and getting to a charging station

What type of socket is used at a Voltee station?

All Voltee stations use the same Schuko socket that you will find in your home, delivering up to 230 V and 16 A. This means you can charge anything from electric cars and bikes, to devices such as laptops or mobile phones.

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Can I charge an electric car at any Voltee station?

car You can charge an electric vehicle at stations which are marked with a car icon.

car-crossed A crossed car icon means you will not be able to approach the station by car.

Will my plug be safe in the Voltee station?

Provided that you have followed all of the charging instructions, the station will be securely locked to protect your plug.

When will Voltee be coming to my city?

We are continuously expanding the Voltee network and hope to reach your city soon. Be among the first to find out where Voltee will be appearing next by subscribing to the Voltee newsletter.

I am at the right location, but I can’t find my selected station. What can I do?

In the station’s details page, check if the selected station is an underground station. Or, if it’s getting dark, use the Voltee app to turn on the LED light flash (“blink” icon) of the station, to make it more visible. (to do that, you have to reserve the station first).

What if my reservation expires before I reach the station?

If your reservation has expired, and you need more time to get there, simply reserve the station again. Be quick, others might want to reserve that station, too.

How can I find out how long a station will be occupied?

You can see whether a specific station is available or occupied in the Voltee app. Unfortunately, it is not possible to see how long a station will remain occupied, as this is decided by the person using the station.

Do I need to reserve a station every time?

It is not mandatory to reserve a station. However, since it is free to reserve it, we recommend that you do so to guarantee that your chosen station remains available for you by the time you get there.

How fast is Voltee charging?

Voltee stations charge at 3.7 kW (230 V/16 A). Within 3 hours, this will provide enough energy to:

  • Travel more than 70 km in the average electric car

  • Fully re-charge your smartphone

Why do I need to close the door again after attaching/removing my charging cable?

It is important that you close the door in order to start charging and keep your plug safe. After charging, closing the door and then pushing “Finish Session” will set the station back to its default state, making it available for other users.

My charging ended because I reached my daily charging limit. What if I cannot return to my car for another day? Can I resume charging the next day?

Sessions cannot be resumed remotely. If your charging has ended by any reason, please leave the station with your vehicle as soon as possible, so that others can use the station.